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Once we reach our goal of 25 Founding Sellers this page will change.
Status: 5 Founding Sellers Approved

Our goal is to help connect herbalists with customers. This page will feature or Sellers and some of their products.

Reach a national market for your hand-made herbal products.

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Connecting People with good, hand-made herbal products and the herbalists who make them is what we’re all about. We believe that Herbs and Herbal Medicine are one of the keys to living a Healthy, Long Life. You can make‘em yourself, but not all of us are interested in spending our time experimenting and practicing until we’ve got the powerful, beautiful products we want. For some of us finding a really talented herbalist to do it for us is a Blessing.
We at The Practical Herbalist are blessed with connections to loads of talented Herbalists, many of whom have been hit pretty hard financially by COVID and shut-downs of so many local markets, boutiques, and Arts and Crafts Fairs.

We started The Real Herb Market to help all those talented Herbalists connect with People who appreciate the blessing of a well-made herbal product.

Why choose to sell with us?

Making the decision to sell your herbal products is huge. There a so many things to think of and do before your first sale. We take over some of that work for you.

No Monthly Store Fees

Online stores charge you each month whether or not you sell a product. Above and beyond your CC processing. We don’t.

No Listing Fees

Some market places charge for every item you list. Not only for different products but the quantities of the products. We don’t.

No Credit Card Processing

Normally you would have to set up an account with a processor and try to find the best rate. We have this built into the store for you.

Part of a Niche Marketplace

Be in a market place surrounded by other like-minded herbalists who share your passion for hand-made, top quality products.

Advertising & Marketing

We leverage the hundreds of visitors a day and our reach through The Practical Herbalist and Real Herbalism Radio to help you sell more.

Support & Help

You’re not in this alone. We’re here to answer questions and support you. From listing to selling, we work to take care of you.

You are in control.

Launching and running an online store can be a challenge. Typically small business owners do this for control, but after they get it all set-up, they’ve got a whole lot of behind-the-scenes work to do to maintain it beyond their basic marketing. We take care of most of the dirty work for you while giving you control of the really important stuff so you can spend your time doing what you do best: Making Amazing Herbal Products.

You Manage Your Products

Add them, remove them, change the quantity, add images, you take care of your product.

You Manage Your Store Page

Put in your logo, your story, and the reason you do what you do. This is your store front.

You Set Your Pricing

Like any other shop you are in control of your pricing. Want to have a sale? Go for it!

You Manage Your Customers

You work directly with your customers after the sale. You get a control panel to manage them.

You List Your Products

Get your photos, description, and quantities ready and list up to 100 products in your shop.

Everything You Need

We’ve made the Real Herb Market run smoothly so you can focus on your products.

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