Buyer's FAQ

Welcome to The Real Herb Market! We’re thrilled you’re perusing our shops and thinking about buying some of the many wonderful handmade Herbal Products made by the many Amazing and Experienced Herbalists here. We created this marketplace specifically for folks like you, who appreciate the power and beauty of a well-made Herbal for health, beauty, home, hearth, and just plain fun! 

For the most part, our Sellers and Shop Owners set their own policies, make their own products, and ship them to you. That means your first stop for getting good answers on specific products, orders, or requests is going to be with the Seller or Shop Owner. You can find legal info and policies, including those that apply to our Sellers and Shop Owners, in our Legal Department and on our Seller’s Policy page. 

Here, you’ll find answers to some of the more general questions that apply to all of our Sellers and Shop Owners. 

First, pop by the Shop for the Seller you’d like to connect with. You can get there by clicking on any of their products. 

When you scroll down, you’ll see a menu item for Vendor Info. Click that, and it’ll take to the main page for that Shop. 

There, you’ll see a Contact Us button. Click that. It’ll give you a message screen you can fill out to connect with that Shop Owner or Seller. You can ask about their products, policies, or shop, and they’ll get your message privately through our system. 

It’s that easy!

Some Sellers offer Free Shipping. Others do not. You’ll need to check with the Shop Policies for the Shop you’d like to order from for information on how they handle shipping. 

At The Real Herb Market, our Sellers and Shop Owners each set their own shop policies, including how they want to handle shipping. Occasionally, you might see a Market-wide special that includes free shipping or other discounts, but those are not our norm; We believe the best way to support both you and Herbalists who make and sell all of our Herbal Products is to bow to the wisdom of our Sellers and Shop Owners when it comes to pricing, including shipping. 

Tax Laws are complicated. If you are located in a state that charges sales tax on herbal products, chances are you’ll be paying sales tax when you place an order.

We use a tax collection system that handles calculation of all sales tax for us, including providing our Sellers and Shop Owners with the necessary documentation regarding the sales taxes that have been paid on their orders.

We have set that system to automatically add sales tax to orders placed from states where sales tax should be charged. It should be clear when you place your order if sales tax has been included in the order. If not, then it is safe to assume that you do not owe sales tax for that order.

Be aware, we will not at any point once your order has been placed and payment made ask you to provide additional funds for sales tax or any other fees. Neither will our Sellers or Shop Owners request additional funds once an order has been placed and payment made. 

That is a very good question! 

We have a vision for offering Handmade Herbal Products to the whole world, but as of now we’re a USA-based business. We do allow our current sellers to ship to Canada, United Kingdom, and Iceland. However, due to the many regulations and complications that arise when you start shipping such a wide variety of herbal products worldwide, we’ve elected to start off small offering orders strictly to countries our sellers are located in.

If you’re not based in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Iceland but would like to see us expand into your country, send us a message with your request. As demand grows, we’ll focus more on expanding The Real Herb Market to a Global Marketplace.

Our base shipping allows us to ship orders to U.S. Military Bases as well as U.S. Territories. However, since it is up to the Seller/Shop Owner to decide if they want to ship outside the continental U.S. it is ultimately up to them. You can contact the seller/ Shop Owner to see if they will ship to you.

Our first promise to you is that we have followed our Seller Application process for all of our Sellers. Even the famous herbalists who sell with us have offered us the information we request as part of that process. 

It’s not a simple process, like signing up to sell with so many other marketplaces is. That’s because we want to ensure that our Seller’s Crew is made up of Herbalists who have experience making Herbal Products by Hand. We take the time to look at what potential sellers offer, including trying a sample of their wares and asking their references to offer support, before we extend them the invite to become a part of our Seller’s Crew. We’re picky about who makes our Handmade Herbals so you don’t have to be. 

The Handmade aspect of the products sold at The Real Herb Market is quite important to us. We know know you’re here because you appreciate the time and energy it takes to make a really good herbal, and we do, too. We require all our Sellers and Shop Owners to make their products themselves, by hand. 

Beyond that, it’s up to our Sellers and Shop Owners to set the policies for what they guarantee, including how they’ll handle times when your experience doesn’t live up to their policies or guarantees or even your expectations. Check with the Shop Policies for the products and Sellers you’re interested in to learn more about what guarantees they offer.

You don’t have to have an account with us to buy any of the products offered in the marketplace. You can choose to process the order as a guest, which means after the order is processed you won’t be able to log in to review it or re-order. It also means your shipping info won’t be stored in our system, so the next time you place an order you’ll need to enter all of it again. 

We recommend you set-up an account to make your purchasing experience easier and more enjoyable, but we totally get that there are times when it may just be easier to order as a guest without logging into an account and we offer that.  

In compliance with standard GDRP practices, we do not retain or store credit card information or data after your order has been completed. This protects you and us against data breaches and similar problems. While that does mean you’ll have to enter your credit card number each time you place an order, we feel it’s a rather small price to pay to help ensure the protection of your privacy and personal data. You can opt to choose to save your CC information when you checkout but that is not saved by us it is saved at, our credit card processing partner. They have the required security and systems in place to handle that type of storage.

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