Charitable Donations Info.

Donating Proceeds to Charity 

If you’re a seller who wants to fundraise for a tax-deductible charitable organization (such as a 501(c)(3) status or equivalent with the IRS, or a similar legally-recognized non-US charitable organization), please keep in mind the following guidance:

  • You must receive the appropriate consent from the charitable organization to use their name and trademark.
  • Include clear information about the donation details and the organization you’re supporting in your listing description(s) and other public shop pages. 
  • Each listing supporting a charity must represent a tangible item for sale that meets RHMarket’s Seller Policy. Listings cannot be created solely for the purpose of transferring money.
  • RHMarket cannot verify donations. Each seller is responsible for ensuring the correct receipt of proceeds to a specific organization. Transactions for charity are entered into at the buyer’s risk.
  • Do not send unsolicited donation requests using any of the community features, such as Messages.
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