About The Real Herb Market

How does it all work? 

We invite herbalists who make and sell Amazing Herbal Products by hand to join us here at The Real Herb Market. We take the time to confirm that all of our Herbal Product Makers have the experience they say they have through our application process. It looks like a daunting application at first, but it’s more than just your standard app. Part of our application process is about gathering info so we can help you get up and running quickly and easily. From the info you provide through the application process, we can start marketing for you from the get-go. 

We’ll Help You Market

Once you’ve established your shop, we’ll help you launch strong, so you can reach a wider audience than ever before with unboxing videos, social media posts, Meet the Herbalist Spotlights, banner ads and mentions in our newsletter as well as that for our partner, The Practical Herbalist. The extra marketing we do to help you get started and keep selling well is part of why The Real Herb Market is the place to be for Herbalists who love making and selling truly inspired herbal goods. 

We Keep it Simple: You Do What You Do Best

As a seller in The Real Herb Market, we expect you to spend as much time doing what you do best. That is making AMAZING Herbal Products by hand using the best ingredients and techniques available. Our fees are clear and up-front, so you won’t run into any of the thousands of little fees and add-on costs you’ll find on a lot of other market places. You can count on our fees remaining stable and collected into one simple figure, so you’ll be able to easily price your products to accommodate them and give yourself enough profits to meet your expectations. 

What about Taxes? and Shipping?? and Hosting Fees???

We cover the sales tax* part of transactions for you, so that’s one complication you can eliminate from your thinking. Hosting your shop is on us, too. You won’t have to think about hosting fees or upgrades or security stuff. We’ve got that covered as part of our fees.

We leave shipping up to you to decide. We offer a simple shipping solution that covers postage, labeling, etc., but you can choose to go with your own shipping if that works better for you. 

*Sales Tax in your home state is still on you…until we find a solution. Tax laws are complicated, and it looks like if you sell to a customer who is located in your state, you need to collect and report sales taxes as described by your local regulations no matter whether the sale was made online or in-person.  We can handle the sales taxes for the other states, just not the one where your business is physically located or registered. 

What’s the Catch?

The catch is…you’ll be operating your own shop! That means you’ll need to check in regularly to handle customer requests, questions, and process your own orders. You’re in charge of making, storing, listing, and shipping products, just like you would be if you had a shop at your local market. Your customers are yours, so you’ll need to set your own shop policies and interact with your customers appropriately. We’re not going to get in-between you and your people, although if you’ve got a serious problem you need help solving, we’re here to consult with you and help you find a positive solution. Pretty much, your shop at The Real Herb Market is your space, and we want you to make the most of it with the least interference possible. 

The Nuts Behind the Market

We at The Practical Herbalist and Real Herbalism Radio were consulting with our SEO expert one January morning when it hit us. We have built a rather large audience of folks who are passionate about herbs. Many of our followers do herbalism in some fashion while a whole lot of others find their passion is in knowing a lot about the herbs and herbal products they choose to purchase and use. Finding really well-made products and sustainably grown and harvested herbs is a lot harder than strolling through the woods in search of the proverbial Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) or Panax Quinquefolius (American Ginseng), and you all know how easy that is!

“Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could create a herb market where Real Herbalists could sell Real Herbal Stuff they’ve made and you’d know all you’ll find there is Real Herbals made by Real People?” Patrick asked. 

“Heck yeah!!” Candace sang as she did her happy dance. Gathering herbalists together is, after all, the passion that’s kept her flying right along through the past couple of decades. That, and her love of The Plants and all things Herbal in Nature.  

Together, Candace and Patrick launched The Real Herb Market to help Herbal Makers claim their space in the online world and offer their Handmade Herbal Products to the many beautiful people who love The Plants. 

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