FAQ for Shop Owners and Sellers

We at The Real Herb Market value our Seller’s Crew. Our Seller’s and Shop Owners are a dedicated group of Herbalists who have a passion for making and selling Handmade Herbal Products. If you’re among them, we celebrate your work every day. You can find legal info and policies in our Legal Department and on our Seller’s Policy page. Here, you’ll find answers to some of the practical questions Sellers and Shop Owners need to know.

We use Stripe to process orders and pay you. When you establish your shop, you’ll either connect your existing Stripe account to it or you’ll start a Stripe account using our set-up wizard. Either way, it’s pretty simple.

When you’re a seller in the Marketplace you’ll build a minimum amount of funds before you can request a withdrawal through your Stripe Account to get paid. This gives you a buffer should you need to process a return or offer a refund or discount after an order has been completed. We do not expect you’ll need to use that buffer, but it’s just good business practice to retain it just in case you do. 

The additional requirements we’ve set beyond the withdraw threshold or minimum are designed to give you the optimal time and space to process and deliver your orders and to ensure your customers are satisfied. 

Requirements to be Paid:

  1. $25 (USD) Minimum to withdraw funds.
  2. All Associated Orders Show as Completed on your Dashboard.
  3. The Order has matured by 14 days or more.
We decided to keep our fee structure as simple as possible. When you sell a product, we’ll collect 18 percent of the sale upfront… and that’s it. If you’re a Founding Seller, that percentage will be slightly lower and fixed for life in trade for your help early on and with all of our new developments as we go. We aim to keep to the 18 percent for all other Sellers, but we reserve the right to raise it as needed. Should that percentage change, we’ll let you know in plenty of time for you to adjust your pricing as makes sense for your business.

No. We’ve included credit card processing in our fee for all of our Sellers. Keeping it simple for you is our top priority. That means, you don’t need a third-party processor and you don’t have to consider an extra fee for credit card processing when your setting your prices. We’ve got you covered. 

Tax Laws are complicated. We get that. We use a tax-collection service that helps us ensure you’re covered. Still, we recommend you know the tax laws for your home state and locality and abide by those on your own to be sure you’re covered.
Yes, you most certainly can! You will need to establish shipping services that make sense for your business and we request that you use a service that offers tracking to ensure your customers can track their shipments as can you. We also ask you to be aware of any duties, taxes, VAT, or similar fees that would not otherwise be charged if you were located in the USA and selling to USA customers so you can collect and pay those as necessary.

When you’ve been accepted as a Seller on The Real Herb Market, you’ll get an email that includes a link and code you’ll use to get started. We’ll give you a list of the stuff you’ll want to have handy to get started. We’ve got a shop wizard that’ll walk you through the process. It’s pretty easy, especially if you’ve gathered all the stuff on the list already. The average set-up time is under an hour for folks who have done that.

You need to apply, of course, which will include sharing a bit about your herbal training or experience, a few references who’ve tried your herbals, and a bit about yourself as an herbalist. You’ll also need a business name, logo, and products to sell. You’ll need to be aware of the business licensing and regulations for your area. It’s good if you’ve already got a bank account or Stripe account for your business and you’re familiar with shipping, packaging, and how to write a good product description. A good business story will be quite helpful, too. As you work through our application process, you’ll be building a lot of the information you’ll need to launch your shop well. The process is built to help us be sure you’re ready to get started selling and to help you do so successfully as quickly as possible. We gather a lot of marketing info in the process, and we’ll use that to help you get started. You’ll still want to do some marketing yourself, too, so being willing and able to do a bit of marketing for your shop is going to be important, too.  What we require, above all else, is that you make your products by hand, that you disclose your ingredients, sources, etc., so that buyers are fully aware of what they’re getting when they buy from you, and that you serve your customers well. 
We expect our sellers to take vacations as makes sense for them just as you might if you were running an herbal shop on Main Street. If you can get someone to mind the shop while you’re gone, that’s the best solution. Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball. Having an online business gives you a lot more flexibility than the shop on Main Street might. Post a notice on your listings so folks know there may be a shipping delay should they want to purchase while you’re away. If you are unable to ship orders, you can choose to unlist your products until your return. As long as that’s within six months, you can pick up where you left off. If, however, you’re not actively selling for more than six months from your last sale, your account will be suspended. You’ll need to contact us at sellersupport@therealherbmarket.com to request reinstatement. If you don’t contact us within 366 days of when your account was suspended, your account will be removed from the marketplace and you’ll need to re-apply to be a seller with The Real Herb Market.

We don’t have a message system that supports outside email or similar services. You can ask sellers to contact you outside of our system or ask them to sign up for your newsletter or email list directly if you so choose. We cannot be held responsible for communications outside of our system. Should you need to handle a dispute with a customer that includes communication outside our system we will be unable to help you resolve it. We strongly recommend you handle all communication regarding orders or products you sell through The Real Herb Market using our system. We also ask that you not send more than one request to any of your customers for contact outside of our system – if you want your customers to sign up for your email list, for instance, you can request that once but not more than once. If they want to reach you outside of The Real Herb Market, they’ll find you.

Once you’ve been accepted as a Seller for The Real Herb Market, we’ll help you design a terrific launch campaign to help you get exposure fast.

We’ll create an unboxing video for your products, which we’ll publish and promote on Social Media and you’ll be able to use on your Social Media feeds, too.

We’ll record a Meet the Herbalist video that we’ll use to promote you on our YouTube channel, Real Herbalism Radio, and through Social Media.

We’ll work with you to choose dates for a series of social media posts through The Real Herb Market, The Practical Herbalist, and Herbs in Action to introduce your shop and promote you to our whole audience.

We’ll also include your new shop in The Practical Herbalist Newsletter and The Real Herb Market news and we’ll create a frontroll ad for you on Real Herbalism Radio.

If you become a Seller or Shop Owner with The Real Herb Market, we will use some of the information you provided in the Seller’s Application process to help you launch your shop. We may also use some of it in future non-related marketing or promotional activities to help promote either your shop or The Real Herb Market or to support business growth for The Real Herb Market. We will only share that information that would otherwise be public knowledge, such as your business name or logo. We do not and will not share private information, such as your street address or personal email address, as established in our Privacy Policy. Once your shop is established, we reserve the right to use any contact information you display publicly in your shop as makes sense to promote your shop or The Real Herb Market or otherwise develop and support business growth.

Yes, you are the owner of all of your own images, copy, and marks including logos and any trademarks, registered trademarks, and copyrights which you can legally claim as your own. The Real Herb Market reserves the right to use any content you upload to The Real Herb Market (“Site”) for marketing purposes or to otherwise support and promote The Real Herb Market. We do not and will not claim ownership of your content at any point, but we may choose to continue as described in our Terms of Use and other policies even if you have ceased to be a Seller or Shop Owner on The Real Herb Market.

Founding Sellers are the Sellers and Shop Owners who helped us launch The Real Herb Market. They were involved in helping us test the tech and run through our systems in the very beginning. They took a lot of risk when they signed on with us – For instance, we didn’t have our policies set before we’d finished building the systems and they trusted we’d set them wisely and fairly. We had a few details to work out, and they helped us make good decisions. Most importantly, they helped us through the wobbly beginnings, for which we’re most grateful. Our Founding Sellers took those risks, put in some extra up-front work, and in return we offered them a special discount in their fees for as long as they remain active sellers with us.

With that said, it’s important to be clear that we value all of our Sellers and Shop Owners. We are grateful every day for those good Herbalists who chose to sell their Handmade Herbal Products through The Real Herb Market. We consider all of our Sellers and Shop Owners to be part of our Seller’s Crew equally, regardless of whether they helped us plant and nurture the market early on or found us after we were well-established. When we refer to the Seller’s Crew, we’re talking about them all.

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