Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

All of the Sellers on The Real Herb Market handle all shipping for their own orders. Review the Shipping Policy for the shop you’re interested in to see how they will handle shipping for your order. We can answer a few general questions regarding shipping here, but do be aware that when it comes down to your specific order, it’s the Seller or Shop owner who will process, pack, and deliver your products and not The Real Herb Market.

As a Seller, you can choose to use any shipping vendor you desire. Like other marketplaces, The Real Herb Market provides a basic shipping option our Sellers can choose; our basic shipping uses USPS as the service. 

We trust your business sense when it comes to shipping, and so do your customers. You know your products and packaging, and you know the best way to ship them for the best cost to you and best results for your customers. If you want to set-up your own shipping, you can do that in the shipping table of your seller dashboard. But if you don’t, we’ve got you covered.

The Real Herb Market does not define what items can or cannot be shipped; Shipping Services set their own policies over what they will or will not ship. In addition, laws and regulations in each locality may impact what can or cannot be shipped. Shop Owners (Sellers) can choose to offer free shipping for any items, but must abide by local and federal laws pertaining to what can or cannot be sold, shipped, or otherwise transported in their area. Sellers must also adhere to the policies set by the Shipping Service they use for each order. For instance, many Shipping Services do not allow cannabis or alcohol to be shipped using their services, thus those items cannot be shipped. For more information on items that cannot be purchased or sold at The Real Herb Market, see our Terms of Use and our Handmade Policy.

We do not charge our Sellers or Shops any extra fees for shipping. Shipping costs are calculated for Sellers at the time of sale if you are using our system. If your shop is using your own rates, then you can calculate rates depending on the shipping vendor you choose. Weight, volume, and the speed of delivery ultimately determine what cost you will pay to ship with most shipping vendors. We collect the shipping as part of the purchase price of the item(s) at the time of sale. You will be reimbursed for the shipping costs that were collected with each order once you have met the withdrawal thresholds for the Marketplace. See the Seller’s FAQ for more information on Getting Paid. 

We have partnered with Easy Post to help create shipping labels. As a Seller, if you are using our Marketplace shipping option, you’ll be able to print them using our system. If you use your own shipping vendor or service, like, you’ll generate your shipping labels in those systems.

This depends on the type of shipping you choose. With our system, tracking numbers are generated by the Easy Post system. You will have access to those tracking numbers to share with your customers. If you use your own shipping vendor, they will supply tracking numbers you can then share with your customer. 

No matter which shipping system you use, we strongly encourage you to share the tracking numbers for each order with your customers using our message system. That will allow you, your customer, and anyone else who needs to know to track the shipment and ensure it is delivered on-time and in good order. 

If you had a problem with the shipment of your order, contact the Seller or Shop Owner with details about the problem.

Problems may include:

  • Order didn’t arrive
  • Items were damaged on arrival
  • Items were missing on arrival
  • Tracking says order was delivered, but it didn’t arrive

Sellers are responsible for handling all aspects of shipment once payment has been received. The Real Herb Market does not ship or deliver any products and has no contact with the shipping companies used.

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