Handmade Policy

Handmade on The Real Herb Market (RHMarket) is one of our core values. Read more below about your obligations as an RHMarket seller.

Selling Handmade Items

Handmade on RHMarket covers a range of potential paths to creating high quality herbal products. Those paths include Herbalists who design, source, and make every product they sell by hand and without any assistance; Herbalists who design their own products, purchase materials or ingredients to make their products, and direct a team that creates all their products; and lots of other paths in between. 

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, you must be transparent about who is helping you and how your items are being made. Everything listed with us must be made and/or designed by you, the seller. Reselling is prohibited. You may also have shop members who help you run your business, as long as you, the seller, are making and/or designing your items.

Sellers as Makers without Assistants

A maker is a seller who is physically making or processing the items listed for sale in their RHMarket shop. A maker might design their items in addition to making them, or they might follow a pattern or template that they did not design. Regardless, makers must be creating their items with their own hands (or tools). 

Farmers and Wildcrafters are considered Makers without Assistants even if they have help in growing, gathering or harvesting, or processing their herbs so long as those assistants are not an outside service or company and they, the Farmer sor Wildcrafters, are directly involved in the majority of the work of farming or wildcrafting. We do not accept large-scale farming or wildcrafting sellers on RHMarket.

Sellers as Makers who do use Assistants

If you are a maker and you are using a production partner to help make your items, you must also disclose information about your production partner in your listings. A production partner is anyone (who’s not a part of your RHMarket shop) who helps you physically produce your items. This can include apprentices, assistants, outside production partners, or others who help you create your products. 

Using Production Assistance

While we expect you, as the seller, are the primary maker and designer of your products, we recognize that you may want or need extra support in creating your finished products. We expect you to assume all responsibility for the creation of your products, including any materials or processes used by your production partners to the extent of any applicable laws. We expect a majority of the work of designing and creating your products to be yours or that of your in-house team of assistants. 

We may ask you to provide us with a list including contact information that describes your production team, including any outside production partners you use, to ensure that your process falls within our policy’s guidelines. 

We understand that you may wish to keep the details of your design and business practices confidential. Please be assured that RHMarket will not use the private information you provide us for any purpose other than reviewing your business to determine that you are in compliance with our policies.

We reserve the right to reject any production partnerships that aren’t in the letter or spirit of this policy or our ethical expectations.

Being Transparent About Your Business

At RHMarket, we value transparency. Transparency means that you honestly and accurately represent yourself, your items, and your business. As an RHMarket seller, you agree to:

Disclose in your About section the names and roles of people who help make your items or run your business; Use your own words and photographs (not stock photos) to describe your items; and

Respond to any inquiries from us in a timely manner. We may ask you how your items are made, what workspace, tools, and equipment you use; and how you communicate and collaborate with the people who help you run your shop.

We at The Real Herb Market value our Seller’s Crew. Our Seller’s and Shop Owners are a dedicated group of Herbalists who have a passion for making and selling Handmade Herbal Products. If you’re among them, we celebrate your work every day. You can find legal info and policies in our Legal Department and on our Seller’s Policy page. Here, you’ll find answers to some of the practical questions Sellers and Shop Owners need to know.

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